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In this paper, we present some problems of two Music Contour Relations Theory operations algorithms: the Refinement of Contour Reduction Algorithm, which was developed by Rob Schultz, and the Equivalence Contour Class Prime Form algorithm, which was developed by Elizabeth Marvin and Paul Laprade. We also propose two alternative algorithms to solve these problems.
MusMat - Brazilian Journal of Music and Mathematics 1 (1): 72–85, .

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. . In Teoria e Análise Musical em perspectiva didática, editado por Ilza Nogueira. 123-138. EDUFBA, Salvador, 2017.

PDF BIBTEX Contour Music Composition Music Theory

. . In Perspectivas de interpretação, teoria e composição musical, editado por Heinz Schwebel e José Maurício Brandão. 11-24. EDUFBA, Salvador, 2016.

PDF BIBTEX Contour Music Composition Music Theory


Contour Similarity

Research about the contour similarity problem

Beat Percussion Fever

Percussion app for mobile devices

Music Star Blocks

Musical memory game for iPhone

Composition with contours

Application of Contour Theory in Composition


Algorithms for automatic harmonic analysis

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The piece "Genética" ("Genetics") was composed based on the idea that musical contours can help ...
Bb Clarinet and Bassoon, .

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, 2013
Bass Clarinets trio

Chamber music Music Composition

, 2012
Flute, Bb Clarinet, and Baritone Sax

Chamber music Music Composition


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