Composition with contours

( - 2012)

The musical contour is an important abstraction of musical structures. The Musical Contour Relations Theory provides a consistent basis for the study of the contour. However, until the completion of this project, only analytical studies were available in the literature and some of the contour operations were inconsistent. In this project, I reviewed the inconsistencies of theory and its application in Musical Composition. In addition to the publications, this project resulted in two software applications (Goiaba and MusiContour, both replaced by ContourMetrics, see Contour Similarity project).

In this project I performed the following tasks:

  • Reviewing the musical contour literature
  • Identifying inconsistencies in concepts and operations of the Contour Theory
  • Elaboration of new musical contour operations, useful for Analysis and Composition
  • Experiments with contours in Music Composition
  • Composition of musical works (see tag contour)
  • Implementation of contour operations in software


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