Python Scripts for Rhythmic Partitioning Analysis


The Rhythmic Partitioning Analysis demands laborious tasks on segmentation and agglomeration/dispersion calculus. Parsemat software runs these tasks and renders indexogram and partitiogram charts. In the present paper, we introduce the Rhythmic Partitioning Scripts (RP Scripts) as an application of Rhythmic Partitioning in the Python environment. It adds some features absent in Parsemat, such as the access to measure indications of each partition, introduction of rest handling, annotation of texture info into digital scores, and other improvements. The RP Scripts collect musical events' locations and output locations and partitions' data into CSV files, render indexogram/partitiogram charts, and generate annotated MusicXML score files. RP Scripts have three components: calculator (RPC), plotter (RPP), and annotator (RPA) scripts.

MusMat - Brazilian Journal of Music and Mathematics

RP Scripts available at