Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven

Quantitative research of the String Quartets by Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven (2019-present)

Curricular Restructuring

Curricular restructuring of the Composition and Conducting course at the UFBA (2020-present)

Contour Similarity

Research about the contour similarity problem (2014-2018)

Musical Dictionary

English-Portuguese Dictionary of Musical Terms (2018)

Beat Percussion Fever

Percussion app for mobile devices (2015-2017)

Music Star Blocks

Music Star Blocks is a music memory game available for iPhone and iPad. (2016)

Composition with contours

Application of Contour Theory in Composition (2007-2012)

Resposta Tonal

Questions and answers about music (2015-2016)


Algorithms for automatic harmonic analysis (2007-2009)