Beat Percussion Fever

Beat Percussion Fever simulates 44 Brazilian music percussion instruments using exclusive and high-quality audio on iPhone and Android. It was developed by Disco Azul Company.


In this project, I acted as technical coordinator of the development team performing the following tasks:

  1. Product conception (with Jamile Vasconcelos)
  2. Planning and coordinating application development
  3. Modeling and implementation of early prototypes on Android and iPhone
  4. Instrument selection through technical feasibility implementation research
  5. Performance layout definition
  6. Coordination of the Sampling Recording
  7. Product site development (backend)
  8. SEO and ASO Marketing
  9. Music production of demo videos
  10. Electric bass performance in demo videos
  11. Testing
Marcos Sampaio
Marcos Sampaio
Professor of Music Theory and Composition

My research interests include Computational Musicology, Music Contour, Music Theory and Joseph Haydn.