Marcos Sampaio

Marcos Sampaio

Professor of Music Theory and Composition

Federal University of Bahia


Marcos Sampaio is a composer, professor, and researcher in Music Theory and Composition. He has a Ph.D. in music composition from the Federal University of Bahia.

He is an Associate Professor at the Federal University of Bahia School of Music, where he works in research, teaching, and administration.

He researches music theory, especially computational musicology, contour theory, and rhythmic partitioning of music texture. He teaches music harmony, form, analysis, composition, and instrumentation.

He has composed music pieces and arrangements for various instrumental formations presented by the UFBA Orchestra, GIMBA, UFBA Percussion Group, Duo Robatto, and Duo Sacramento. As an electric bass player, he has performed with the UFBA Percussion Group, A Trama do Macaco Prego, and local artists from Salvador, BA

In the administrative sphere, he has coordinated the Bachelor Course of Composition and Conducting since 2023 and its curriculum restructuring since 2020. He was deputy head of the Department of Music (2016 to 2018) and coordinator of the Bachelor Course of Composition and Conducting (2019 to 2021).

He has experience in software development. He was the technical coordinator of the team that developed the Beat Percussion Fever and Music Star Blocks software at Disco Azul Produções Artísticas and has been building RP Scripts and Zarlino software, both for music analysis.

He is a member of the Brazilian Music Theory and Analysis Association (TeMA), as well as of Genos (UFBA) and Partimus (UFRJ) research groups.

He is now researching Haydn’s string quartets using a quantitative methodology based on Computational Musicology tools.


  • Computational Musicology
  • Melodic Contour
  • Rhythmic partitioning of texture
  • Music Theory
  • Joseph Haydn
  • Data-based composition


  • PhD in Musical Composition, 2012

    Federal University of Bahia

  • MSc in Musical Composition, 2008

    Federal University of Bahia

  • BSc in Musical Composition, 2006

    Federal University of Bahia


Music Theory and Composition

Music Education

Music Research

Computer Science




Disco Azul

Jul 2015 – Dec 2016 Salvador

Developed Beat Percussion Fever and Music Star Blocks.

Responsabilities included:

  • Product conception
  • Modelling
  • Sampling Recording
  • Website development (backend)
  • SEO and ASO Marketing
  • Testing


Federal University of Bahia

Sep 2010 – Present Salvador

Music Theory and Composition Teaching and Computational Musicology Researching.


  • MUSA69 Music Literature and Structure I
  • MUSA70 Music Literature and Structure II
  • MUSA71 Music Literature and Structure III
  • MUSA72 Music Literature and Structure IV
  • MUSA83 Introduction to Music Instrumentation
  • MUSE06 Composition Seminar I
  • MUSE07 Composition Seminar II
  • MUSE27 Topics on Music Composition II
  • MUSE29 Topics on Music Theory and Analysis II
  • MUSB14 Music Composition V
  • MUSB15 Music Composition VI
  • MUSF18 Advanced Music Analysis I
  • MUSF26 Introduction to Music Analysis



Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven

Quantitative research of the String Quartets by Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven (2019-present)


A suite of music analysis tools on the web

Curricular Restructuring

Curricular restructuring of the Composition and Conducting course at the UFBA (2020-present)

Contour Similarity

Research about the contour similarity problem (2014-2018)

Musical Dictionary

English-Portuguese Dictionary of Musical Terms (2018)

Beat Percussion Fever

Percussion app for mobile devices (2015-2017)

Music Star Blocks

Music Star Blocks is a music memory game available for iPhone and iPad. (2016)

Composition with contours

Application of Contour Theory in Composition (2007-2012)

Resposta Tonal

Questions and answers about music (2015-2016)


Algorithms for automatic harmonic analysis (2007-2009)


  • Av. Araújo Pinho, 58 - Escola de Música, Salvador, BA 40110-913
  • GenosLab, Escola de Música
  • Segunda a sexta-feira, 14 às 18 horas, via, mediante agendamento