O conto de Dimitris Travlus (op. 4)


The piece “O conto de Dimitris Travlus” (“Dimitris Travlus' tale”), for chamber orchestra, was composed from the idea of statics and movement of gestures and textures. The piece was premiered during the 2008 National Encounter of University Composers (Encun), at the UFBA rectory, by the orchestra of the same university and conducted by maestro Leandro Gazineo.

This work was again presented conducted by maestro Piero Bastianelli (cellist and conductor with over 300 premieres of contemporary works), and Symphony Orchestra of UFBA, on July 27, 2010, at the Museum of Sacred Art, Salvador, Brazil.

Finally, the work was presented by the Symphonic Orchestra of UFBA in 2014 conducted by maestro Erick Vasconcelos.

The work is dedicated to Agnaldo Ribeiro, my first Composition teacher, and the title is inspired by his work “Dois antigos quadros de Dimitris Travlus” (“Two old paintings of Dimitris Travlus”).


Chamber orchestra (flute, oboe, Bb clarinet, bassoon, F-horn, Bb trumpet, trombone, tuba, 1 percussionist, strings)


4 minutes


Marcos Sampaio
Marcos Sampaio
Professor of Music Theory and Composition

My research interests include Computational Musicology, Music Contour, Music Theory and Joseph Haydn.