Octaedro (op. 12)


The piece “Octaedro” (“Octahedron”), for flute, clarinet and baritone sax, was composed at the request of the Camará Group, led by Paulo Rios Filho. This work is based on octatonic scales and intervals of third. There are quotations from other works, such as Fuxico, Op. 9. The title appeared after the composition was completed. The octahedron is a figure of eight triangular faces. The eight faces represent the sounds of the octatonic scale and the faces represent the widely used third interval.


Flute, Bb Clarinet, and Baritone Sax


4 minutes


Marcos Sampaio
Marcos Sampaio
Professor of Music Theory and Composition

My research interests include Computational Musicology, Music Contour, Music Theory and Joseph Haydn.