Em torno da romã (op. 6)


The piece “Em torno da romã” (“Around the pomegranate”), for wind quintet, is the result of the Master’s Degree in Music Composition. This piece was composed systematically based on theories of contours. There is an analysis of the work in the dissertation. The title of the work is a tribute to a pomegranate tree that was next to the window of a house where I lived in, around which I was in all the period of the Master’s Degree and the composition of the piece.

The performers Elisa Goritzki (flute), Diana Abadjieva (oboe), Vinícius Fraga (clarinet), Jean Marques (Bassoon), and Josely Saldanha (French horn) kindly recorded the work for presentation in defense of the dissertation. The work has not yet been premiered in recital.


Wind quintet


11 minutes


Marcos Sampaio
Marcos Sampaio
Professor of Music Theory and Composition

My research interests include Computational Musicology, Music Contour, Music Theory and Joseph Haydn.